Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What’s missing from SUPERMAN #712?

Well DC made a mistake that may come back to haunt them with a last minute decision to change Superman 712, DC didn't say anything till now and have not only irked comic book fans but creators as well. Here is an article by Jill Pantozzi explaining this and her feelings on it and below is what George Perez (who did a variant cover for the original issue) said about this on Facebook.
George Pérez -  
I have just received word from my editor at DC that DC decided to pull the original story slated for issue #712 and replace everything with another story and replacement covers ALL WITHOUT EVEN HAVING THE COURTESY OF TELLING ME! Considering the personal nature of this cover, and their knowledge of its significance, I am both extremely upset and personally embarrassed. My deepest apologies especially to Scott Mills and all of Rob Morrisroe's friends and family and the Moonlight Players. I've been told that the cover has been rescheduled to appear as the cover for Issue 714 (the last of the classic SUPERMAN run, meaning that I draw the last of the old and the first of the new), but this doesn't assuage my consternation and disappointment at the way this has been handled. I'm awaiting a call back from my editor but please don't expect me to discuss any particulars about it on a public forum. Just know that I feel horrible about all this and and can only apologize to all those who may have been inconvenienced or disappointed by this unexpected (and totally preventable) turn of events.
For the uninitiated, Jan Sheldon is one of the founders of the Moonlight Players, which has done so much to inspire young people (and those simply young at heart) to find a loving and creative haven away from the trials and tribulations of real life and to pursue their muses in the familial warmth of Moonlight's artistic glow. I have seen many community theatres that were bigger and better mounted, with grander stages, but this small theatre nestled inside a renovated auto repair warehouse stands second to none for sheer heart and devotion, not to mention talent. I am proud to be basking in the Moonlight.
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