Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fingers Metal Shop Is Back

Fingers Metal Shop is Officially BACK.... Hope you can attend at 9PM Sunday's on 102.3 WBAB and This week the show will start the show with the first song ever played on FMS. Do you know what song? Do you know what album it's from?

Fingers Metal Shop! a two hour hard rockin heavy metal radio show that went on the air 10/23/83. FMS played every category of music in the genre. It reflected the current scene and in some cases created it. It was my life's passion and a dream come true. Every week the airwaves of 102.3 WBAB-FM on Long Island would bristle with sound of the loud and proud metal legions. After tens of thousands of songs and hundreds of interviews Fingers Metal Shop lay dormant at the ripe old age of 21. During last years anniversary show I let the cat out of the bag that FMS was approaching its final hours. The following five shows featured Vince Neil from Motley Crue, Geoff Tate from Queensryche, John Bush from Anthrax, Bret Michaels from Poison and the final show on December 18th 2004 was our Annual Kissmas special with Mark "The Animal" Mendoza from Long Islands own Twisted Sister. The Final song was Gene Simmons version of "When you wish upon a star" And then silence... FMS was 21 and over... Why? you say.

One reason was the station wanted it off the air and I finally acquiesced because for quite some time I had this burning desire to do something different. Television was the focus but I was not sure in what capacity I would chase the medium. As a child I grew up watching Johnny Carson. He was funny talented quick on his feet and did great interviews. He was himself. I have been on television several times ranging from cable to network usually interviewed about music or life. I have even been on MTV twice. Once filmed during FMS when Halford came out and once in a music video as a metal Santa for Big Mouths Christmas song with Rick Derringer. I am not telling you this to boast, alright maybe a little. My point is I just seem to gravitate towards the medium, I got all this TV stuff without trying it just happened. And it always felt good. Still does. In part I think because I am always me just living some kind of weird dream. OK so what am i gonna do? Another music show? I actually was part of a show called the Downtown Vibe with the good folks over at Video Vibe productions. It is my nature to create and while trying to explain a place I ride on my bike to a fellow rider I remember wishing I could show him. That's when I started thinking about a motorcycle show, Short Scoots, an online community and television venture is a result of that process. I am very excited about and confident in this entire project. Because it brings with it the sense of community I felt with FMS, I love people and I love getting people to react and give feedback. I am also very passionate about Motorcycling. So I have stepped out of my box to try something new and different. I am chasing my next dream and I hope you will join me for the ride, whether it turns out to be a long haul or just Short Scoot.

It was my hope to archive FMS in a section of my Short Scoots site. Until someday in some capacity FMS returned.

Well life does not always go in the direction you believe it will. After four years of energy, time and money I finally aired my pilot for Short Scoots things were looking good. Then in 2007 a divorce and a house fire changed everything and my TV endeavor went on the back burner. Staying focused on my children and my main job doing afternoon drive at WBAB was about all I could stay on point with. I write stories and create videos as a creative outlet.

Through all of this, music helped me through good and dark times and some days all I needed was to crank something loud and heavy to shake off the dread. FMS always made me happy in more ways than one, as it did to everyone who listened. Over the years many have asked over and over again "Why don't you bring back FMS?" and "When are you gonna bring FMS back?" Well with the way corporate researches everything I never really had a leg to stand on. Coming in everyday and stating "I ran into another person who wants FMS back!" was not cutting it. I would need to show hard numbers to back up that FMS was still valid and relevant. Finally I said F*ck it and started this grass roots campaign to get Fingers Metal Shop back on the air. My goal is to start as a podcast or Pod-castration as I like to call it and build from there to the air.

To all the people who have listened, helped, supported, visited and championed Fingers Metal Shop over the years I thank you from the bottom of my metal heart...Fingers.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Solaria 80,000 AD

In the year 80,000 AD, a time of apocalypse, magic, religious zealots, aliens, and piracy, the time has come for the Solaria to awaken and challenge the great, ancient evil inside the sun that is both salvation and doom.

A 150 page graphic novel written by Andrew Modeen and illustrated by Frank Fosco (TMNT, Vanguard, Ethrian, Savage Dragon) coming soon from Arcana Studios.

Late 2012/2013

For a one page preview of the graphic novel check out next month's Savage Dragon #178 from Image Comics. Click here to check out the Solaria 80,000 AD Facebook page.

Zenescope’s Wild Plans for 2012: The Jungle Book

From Zenescope

Ladies and Gentlemen, We give you The Jungle Book! Well, we’re not just giving it to you and it’s not currently available, but we are proud to announce it is on it’s way. You can order it through the Diamond Previews or your local comic book store.

Here is a little breakdown as to how the story will unfold…

The new five-issue miniseries will follow Mowglii, a young girl raised by wolves who finds herself in the middle of what the animals call The Great Animal Battle. Mowglii must learn her place in the jungle and fight for survival against many exotic beasts. But she is not the only human in this jungle island. Three other children have been raised by different animal tribes: Bomani grows up in the tiger tribe that is led by the conniving Shere Kahn, Akili learned the ways of the jungle from the mischievous Tavi mongoose tribe, and Dewan comes of age within the unpredictable Monkeys of Bandar Log, which is led by the insane King Bandar Louis. Mowglii and the rest of the human cubs play key roles in the ongoing Great Animal Battle of Kipling Isle as they approach adulthood.

We also checked in with the writer to have him share some of his thoughts.

“I’ve always thought an animal civil war was a fun idea full of potential,” says writer Mark L. Miller. “Once I started thinking of it in the context of Kipling’s famous stories, it all fell into place… Plus, I get to play around with all of these characters I grew up reading about and loving as a child. It’s a dream come true.”

“Grimm Fairy Tales Presents The Jungle Book #1” will hit shelves in March of 2012, and feature four connecting covers by artist Ale Garza (shown up top). It currently is available for order through Diamond Previews for $2.99 and in full color.

We’re very excited to finally come clean on this project as we have been teasing it for a while. So, excited?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Men In Black 3 Trailer

GI Joe: Retaliation Trailer


From DC By Alex Nagorski

This May, the Eisner Award-winning creative team of the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling TINY TITANS, Art Baltazar and Franco, will continue bringing their wonderful and unique humor to DC Comics with the new ongoing monthly series, SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES. The series will be starring (you guessed it!) the whole Superman gang – Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Lex Luthor, Bizarro, General Zod and … Fuzzy the Krypto Mouse!

But wait, there’s more! Before SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES hits stores, you’ll be able to get a sneak peak at the series in the DC Nation 2012 Free Comic Book Day Super Sampler!

“I have been sitting on the edge of my seat, biting my tongue about SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES since Thursday, July 21st at approximately 4pm, when Art & Franco came to see me at SDCC and showed me the proposal for this series,” said series editor Kristy Quinn. “Whew. Now, at least, you’re all stuck waiting with me—I was getting lonely sitting at my desk with all this cool stuff I couldn’t share!”

Friday, December 2, 2011


Though they may be known for their blood-spewing theatrics and hard rock riffs, the leaders of chart-topping band KISS also have a long legacy in comic books -- one that continues today with "Archie Meets KISS," the four-part story that launched this week in "Archie" #627. In celebration, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley showed up in the CBR TV Studios in LA earlier this week (sans makeup) to discuss the project and their long-standing connection to the comics medium.

"This whole comic book thing was invented in America. It's really an art form," Simmons said in a wide-ranging conversation where he name checks legendary creators from Bob Montana to Vince Colletta to Jim Steranko (much to his partner's consternation).

"This KISS thing of ours has grown by leaps and bounds, and we like teaming up and co-branding with iconic brands that have existed throughout the ages," he continued. "Archie has been around for over 50 years. And if you're going to point at something iconic that goes at a slightly different audience, you've got to respect something that stands the test of time. And it's a wacky idea -- KISS and Archie?"

Stanley added, "Since we did the Marvel comics, there have been many permutations of KISS through the comics -- starting with Marvel and starting with Howard The Duck. That's where we made our initial introduction into comic book world."

And the rockers don't plan on letting their four color legacy end with the gang in Riverdale. The pair teased plans for a project with IDW Publishing involving superhero comic books and Simmons noted, "At the same time I was talking with Jim Lee and the DC folks about doing something with 'KISS DC' -- Superman meets KISS and all that kind of stuff, which would be exciting." When reached for comment, a DC Entertainment spokesperson confirmed there are no plans for a project with Gene Simmons or KISS.

For the full scoop, check out the video and find "Archie Meets KISS" part one in comic shops now!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


From DC

Artist John Paul Leon will be making a one-issue cameo appearance on the creative team of ANIMAL MAN, joining Jeff Lemire, Travel Foreman and Jeff Huet for issue #6.

Since the series’ debut in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, references have been made to Buddy Baker¹s brief foray into the movie business ­ and the sixth issue will finally reveal his starring role. Foreman will remain as artist for the
issue’s story elements, with Leon providing guest cinematography for the “film” itself.

Check out the cover for ANIMAL MAN #6 right here on THE SOURCE.

Captain Atom #3 Preview

From DC Comics via Google+

Friday, November 4, 2011


Dark Horse Comics announced an all-new digital comic series based on BioWare’s dark, fantasy RPG series, Dragon Age™. Written by Dragon AgeLead Writer, David Gaider, and featuring original art by Chad Hardin (Stan Lee's The Traveler, Web of Spider-Man, The Spirit), the deep and fascinating lore surrounding the Dragon Age universe will unfold, as new adventures will come to light in the comic series.

The thrilling, six-part series will feature a riveting story that takes fans of the critically-acclaimed Dragon Age franchise deeper into the RPG’s mythology. Readers will follow Alistair, Isabela, and Varric, three important heroes from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, as they travel to Antiva, a nation ruled by deadly assassins. The comic series’ heroes will embark on an epic journey to uncover one of the greatest secrets in the history of Thedas while encountering a dangerous prison break and the mysterious and feared Witch of the Wilds.

Dark Horse Comics will release the six-part comic series exclusively at for $0.99 each starting February 22, 2012.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Preview: Finished Art From A Child Is Born By Bill Tucci

Apostle Arts today announced the release-to-print of Billy Tucci’s A Child is Born, a 32-page graphic novella interpretation of the Christmas story, written and illustrated by Eisner-nominated comic book artist, Billy Tucci. With online and trade distribution through Sound Enterprises, Inc., comic book specialty market distribution through Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., and a charitable back-cover placement in support of World Vision, A Child is Born’s beautiful artwork heralds the Christmas season with a stunning rendition of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ.

“I’ve been blessed in life to do what I love for a living,” explains Tucci. “It’s been a very colorful and rewarding career, but there has been one project that’s always eluded me, that dream project for which every artist longs. Now, with the completion of A Child is Born, that dream has come true for me.”

With a comic market in-store date of November 23, 2011, Billy Tucci’s A Child is Born will also be available for online purchase through Apostle Arts’ new distributor, Sound Enterprises, Inc., as well as other online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

“SEI Publishing, a division of Sound Enterprises, is proud to add A Child is Born to our product portfolio,” says Brad Damon, founder of Sound Enterprises, Inc. “Our goal is to provide cutting edge entertainment that enriches the lives of our customers and introduces more people to the Gospel of Christ. We believe A Child is Born does both beautifully.”

To preorder individual copies of Billy Tucci’s A Child is Born, visit Bulk quantities of A Child is Born are available through SEI Publishing for resale or fundraising purposes. Visit for more information.

In addition to the expanded distribution for A Child is Born, Apostle Arts is pleased to announce its partnership with World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to building up communities from the injustices of extreme poverty.

“This is a book about Jesus,” explains Apostle Arts partners Evan Archilla and Jason Peet. “Jesus came with a mission to rescue and heal a broken world. We believe World Vision is an excellent example of what true Christ-centered servanthood is all about.”

“Christ calls us to be his partners in changing our world,” adds Angela Appleton, director of cause marketing at World Vision. “We are grateful for Apostle Arts’ help in bringing the whole gospel to those in need.” To learn more about World Vision—and discover how you, too, can do something to help others—see the World Vision placement on the inside back cover of A Child is Born or visit

Saturday, October 29, 2011


October 27, MILWAUKIE, OR—Brandon Graham, creator of King City and Multiple Warheads and writer of Prophet, one of the series in the heavily NYCC-hyped Extreme Studios relaunch, will be making his Dark Horse Presents debut in issue #7!

A man loses his voice—his voice goes off to see the world. Years later the man dies and the voice that walks like a man hears the news and returns home. The Voice has to deal with all the personifications of the man’s doubts, secrets, and ideas that are left behind.

It’s got doubts using tuning forks like guns and ideas that smash the light bulbs over their heads like they were bottles in a bar fight,” says Graham.

Graham’s work is widely known and followed through his blog,

Stay tuned for more about original stories premiering in Dark Horse Presents!

Dark Horse Presents #7 is on sale December 21, 2011, and also contains brand-new Age of Reptiles, Skeleton Key, and Hellboy stories.

The Variant Cover To A Child Is Born

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Artist PHILIP TAN On The Changes To The DCnU HAWKMAN


For artist Philip Tan, the chance to draw DC's relaunch of Savage Hawkman is the culmination of three years of artistic evolution.
"For a long time, I had a lot of criticism from fans and readers about how inconsistent my artwork is. Quite frankly, I had to go through a lot of searching for a look that I'm comfortable with and happy with," Tan told Newsarama. "It has been a learning process for me since I started my career. You saw me experimenting in the work I did on Green Lantern and Outsiders and Batman and Robin. They were all stages of learning and growth for me as I experimented to find that look I wanted."
Now that readers have seen his work on Savage Hawkman, the artist is determined to keep up the "consistency." As he and writer Tony Daniel introduced readers to the Hawkman of the DCnU, the character was revealed to have a new organic-type armor, as well as a mysterious origin.

In our continuing follow-up with the creative teams behind DC's New 52 initiative, we talk with Tan about the first issue of Savage Hawkman -- and get a peek at some exclusive art.
Newsarama: Phil, with Savage Hawkman, one of the more interesting additions you made to the character was his armor. Was that something you came up with?
Philip Tan: The design originally came from Jim Lee. Tony and I took that original [design] idea and came up with ideas about how we could make it even more interesting visually and in the story.
It evolved from there. We put a lot of thought and discussion into it. We thought it would really help the visuals of the book while adding to the character. And we really agreed on making it that way.
We really wanted to show the process of him changing. We wanted the audience to see how it happens.
As people have seen, the armor is more organic. It's alive. It's building on the character like a canvas. It's appearing out of his skin. It's not like he has to physically put pieces of it onto his body.
And this armor manifests whatever weapon he needs or armor for whatever part of the body needs to be shielded.
This will all be important as you keep reading the book.
Nrama: A lot of readers have noticed the style you're using for this book, and how different it is from some of the work you've done in the past. What's the process behind this newer look?
Tan: For awhile now, I've been using watercolors and have been inking my own stuff. It's a medium I wanted to use to do my artwork. I prefer this medium, with the use of the watercolor. It's unlike the traditional penciling I've been doing before.

It really helps me find the details I want put into the book. And it's the happy accidents that sometimes give the book such an interesting look, especially when you're working with watercolor and mixing it with inks and paints.
Nrama: Is it softer?
Tan: Yes, the effects are going to be softer.
But you know, a lot of the stuff that we do on the book, the colorist also has had a very involved hand. So the visual is not just myself, or not just Tony and myself. The colorist is Sunny Gho, who is just amazing.
Nrama: Is it more difficult working with an artist like Tony as your writer? Or does that actually make things easier?
Tan: It's more collaborative, really. We go over the script, and I have a lot of input, as far as ideas about the visuals and how we're going to tell the story. Then I do the layout, and he's very open to different interpretations.
Nrama: There's still a lot of mystery about Carter. We still don't know his real background. There's a hint that he's "not of the world," yet he said he's born in the USA.
Tan: Yep.
Nrama: I assume we're going to get answers soon?
Tan: Well, there won't be one issue where we'll explain everything. We don't want that, and I don't think the readers really want that either. It's going to be a slow reveal. We want everyone to be enjoying the book while he's going through all these adventures, and really, really make this character compelling. We want to establish him and his stories in this new DC Universe.
Nrama: We discovered a lot about him, but how would you describe this character's thought process now that we've seen the first issue? He doesn't really want to be Hawkman, does he?
Tan: He's got a lot of things going on that he doesn't want to face, but he has to. Things he must take care of.
As an archaeologist, he's been isolated a lot. He's had to do his work by himself, or in the past with Hawkgirl. But now, these supporting characters will be more involved. He's got a lot of people around him that we thought would bring a lot of color into his adventures, and you'll get to know them more.
Nrama: So it's an adjustment for him to go from having Hawkgirl around to working with these other people?
Tan: You know what? I would not comment on Hawkgirl right now.
But to answer the other part of your question... yes, it's a big adjustment period for him right now.
Nrama: So I can't ask you if you have gotten to draw Hawkgirl?
Tan: You can't.
Nrama: Nothing we can tell readers about that?
Tan: Just tell readers to be patient.
Nrama: How far ahead are you?
Tan: We've been working really far ahead. Right now, we're more than four issues ahead. I'm working on issue #5.
Nrama: Has the story evolved in style or tone now that you're working on issue #5?
Tan: We're actually working very hard to keep things consistent for the first arc, so the evolution for me has been more about getting to know the characters in the book and just feeling familiar with them. I think the tone and the style were something we really put a lot of thought into before the first issue, so we're keeping that steady for all our new readers.
Nrama: So it's still this Indiana Jones/adventure approach?
Tan: Yes, and that has been driven by Tony. He has a real vision for what he wants this book to be. I'm riding shotgun on this thing.
Nrama: There are changes to Hawkman, but it's obvious you guys understand the character's past. Did you look at any of the old comics for your design ideas?
Tan: I've been reading a ton of old comics, but not for the design really. Jim designed the new one, so we've been working from that. The new design is what DC wanted, and I actually love the new one.
I've been using some of the old ones for the design ideas for his weapons, and his armor, and have kind of incorporating it into the organic armor he got that morphs into weapons.
Aside from that, visually, we're trying to go with this new direction on design that Jim created.
But story-wise, I went back and read a lot of old Hawkman comics. I wanted to know this character really well, and I have come to love him. I really love him.
Nrama: Any comic in particular that you really liked?
Tan: I really liked Geoff [Johns] and James [Robinson]'s take.
Nrama: What have you heard about the reception to Savage Hawkman #1 from fans?
Tan: I haven't read anything online, but I've heard about the success of the book, so I'm very happy about that. And I've met fans here in New York who really like the comic, so that's always great to hear. I love working on this comic, and I'm very thankful that people are giving me a chance, working with Tony, on Savage Hawkman.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


From DC By Brandy Phillips

‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ Graphic Novel to be Released by Vertigo in 2012 with Sequels Following in 2013 and 2014

NEW YORK, NY,  October 11, 2011 – Best-selling comic book and graphic novel publisher DC Entertainment has secured the worldwide rights to adapt the international phenomenon and best-selling Millennium Trilogy novels into graphic novels. DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint will work with the estate of Stieg Larsson and Hedlund Literary Agency to adapt the books.  The announcement brings together two publishing powerhouses just in time for the Frankfurt Book Fair and New York Comic-Con.
Each book by Larsson will be presented in two graphic novel volumes that will be available in both print and digital formats.  THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO volumes will be released in 2012, with volumes for THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE following in 2013, and THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS’ NEST wrapping up the graphic novel series in 2014.
“The intricate characters and stories Larsson created in the Millennium Trilogy are a perfect match for the graphic novel format, where we can bring Lisbeth Salander to life in entirely new, visually compelling ways,” stated Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment. “It’s a distinct honor to work on a story that is already so popular with millions of readers around the world.”
“Stieg always liked comics and it will be exciting to see the unforgettable characters he created come to life on the comics page,” says Joakim Larsson, younger brother of the journalist and novelist whose untimely death in 2004 meant he didn’t see even the first book in the Millennium sequence published.
DC Entertainment is the worldwide leader in producing best-selling graphic novels and comic books, including best-selling Vertigo titles SANDMAN, FABLES, 100 BULLETS and ROAD TO PERDITION.
Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy is an international publishing juggernaut, with more than 60 million books sold worldwide and reaching the top of numerous best seller lists. Sales for all three books exceed 17 million copies in the U.S. alone, including digital sales of 3.5 million copies. Since September 2008, when THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO was published in hardcover, Larsson’s books have been a constant presence on bestseller lists across America.
The various storylines in the Millennium Trilogy revolve around truculent computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and investigative reporter Mikael Blomkvist.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marvel Studios To Present Exclusive Look At Marvel’s The Avengers At New York Comic Con

Official Press Release

Producer Kevin Feige and Select Cast Members to Appear Saturday, October 15 in the IGN Theater – Presented by Sprint!

Norwalk, CT, October 4, 2011: New York Comic Con (NYCC) is proud to announce Marvel Studios, for the first time ever, will participate in this October’s NYCC. Marvel Studios will present a special event in NYCC’s IGN Theater – Presented by Sprint on Saturday, October 15th from 6:30-7:30 PM, a high-profile panel focused on the upcoming feature film Marvel’s The Avengers. Marvel Studios will debut never-before-seen footage from The Avengers, and panelists will include Kevin Feige (Producer), Chris Evans (Captain America), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson), and Cobie Smulders (Agent Hill). The Avengers is scheduled for release on May 4th, 2012.

The sixth annual New York Comic Con will take place October 13-16, 2011 at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan. NYCC, which attracted 96,000 attendees in 2010, celebrates comics, movies, television, toys, games, and the popular arts from around the planet. Tickets are now on sale via the website, with limited 4-Day tickets remaining.

“I am incredibly honored Marvel Studios has decided to participate in New York Comic Con in such a significant way,” notes Lance Fensterman, Group Vice President for ReedPOP and Show Manager for NYCC. “The center of our show is creating exclusive opportunities for fans to meet their favorite stars and creators. The Avengers presentation is exactly this kind of once-in-a-lifetime event. We’re very excited to be able to host cast and crew from The Avengers and know our fans will be on the edges of their seats. As always, we want to present the very best that the pop culture world has to offer in art and entertainment, and The Avengers panel is at the head of that list!”

As previously announced, Marvel will also be bringing high profile comics guests to New York Comic Con including Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, Axel Alonso, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief, and notable Marvel creators Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, Kieron Gillen, and Stuart Immonen.

“Marvel’s The Avengers” is the Super Hero team up of a lifetime, featuring iconic Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, Director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins.

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Samuel L. Jackson, and directed by Joss Whedon “Marvel’s The Avengers” is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series “The Avengers,” first published in 1963 and a comics institution ever since. Prepare yourself for an exciting event movie, packed with action and spectacular special effectswhen “Marvel’s The Avengers” assemble in summer 2012.

“Marvel’s The Avengers,” is presented by Marvel Studios in association with Paramount Pictures. The film is being produced by Marvel Studios' President, Kevin Feige, and executive produced by Alan Fine, Stan Lee, Jon Favreau, Patricia Whitcher and Louis D’Esposito. Marvel Studios’ Jeremy Latcham and Victoria Alonso will co-produce. The film will be released May 4, 2012.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Eric Carr's Unfinished Business

Message From Bruce Kulick | - The Official Bruce Kulick Website
With the 20th anniversary of Eric Carr's passing coming this November, Eric's family has scheduled a release of some new discoveries and some remakes of the music left behind. The CD is titled "Unfinished Business" and it's worth checking out if you are a big fan of Eric.

I know it was a very hard time for me back all those years ago to lose a band mate and a real friend, but celebrating his music is a very comforting thing. And as much as I miss him, I do feel like he must really enjoy all the attention while he is in heaven jamming with the other fallen heroes of rock stardom. So check out the CD.

A quick reminder about a few of the events coming up for me, like Madrid, Spain on the 25th of November and Helsinki, Finland on the 26th will be partly in remembrance of Eric Carr's passing.

More info on additional shows coming up in Europe and Brazil is coming soon.

All the best,
Bruce Kulick

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Help A Friend Help Children

Texas Metroplex Cosplay Coalition

Zander Price
Dear Friends,

Help me get in the game!

I'm raising money and awareness for my local Children's Miracle Network Hospital.

On Oct. 15, 2011, I'll attempt to play video games for 24 hours straight in hopes you'll support me by giving just $1 per hour ($24 total).

Your donation is tax-deductible and 100 percent of your gift goes to help kids.

My fellow Extra Life gamers and I are going to make miracles happen for kids. I can't reach my goal without your support. Any contribution will help, and all donations are tax deductible. Donating online is safe and easy! To make an online donation please click the "Support This Participant" button on this page.

Thank you for your time, support and participation.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


From DC By David Hyde
It’s official! All 52 first issues of DC Entertainment’s historic publishing initiative DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 have sold out from Diamond Comic Distributors in advance of publication. And all 52 issues will receive second printings.
Here’s a further look inside the numbers for DC COMICS-THE NEW 52:
· ACTION and BATGIRL already have third printings and JUSTICE LEAGUE, the bestselling comic book to date for all of 2011, is in its fourth printing.
· AQUAMAN #1 is the eleventh title in DC Comics-The New 52 with sales of more than 100,000. The series joins the sales ranks of the previously announced titles ACTION COMICS, BATGIRL, BATMAN, BATMAN AND ROBIN, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT, DETECTIVE COMICS, THE FLASH, GREEN LANTERN, JUSTICE LEAGUE and SUPERMAN.
· BATMAN # 1 joins JUSTICE LEAGUE # 1 and ACTION COMICS # 1 as the third title with sales exceeding 200,000 copies.

“We at DC Entertainment thank our creators, our retail partners, and our readers, and remind them all we’re just getting started,” said John Rood, DC Entertainment Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development. “We’re thrilled to be making history, but we’re not standing around congratulating each other. We’re working behind the scenes to leverage our recent success into our long term vision for this company and its iconic characters and brands.”
“There’s never been anything like DC COMICS – THE NEW 52, as seen by our unprecedented sales and overwhelming fan enthusiasm,” said DC Entertainment Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio. “All 52 first issues have now sold out in advance of publication and each one of the first issues has received a second printing. Backed by DC Entertainment’s massive marketing campaign, dozens of retailer events, and hundreds of headlines from around the globe, this is a watershed moment for the comic book industry. It’s the most significant publishing event in the last 25 years of this company’s long and storied history.”

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday Aquaman!

Here is a great post from The Aquaman Shrine to celebrate the King of the Seven Seas 70th Birthday, enjoy.

Today is a very, very special day in the history of Aquaman--it's his 70th birthday!

And when we say 70th birthday, we don't mean the birthday DC Comics has seen fit to give him within their continuity--that's January 29. No, we mean that on this day seventy years ago--September 25, 1941--More Fun Comics #73, Aquaman's debut appearance, hit newsstands (you can see the book for sale in the above picture, two rows up and about four books to the left of the crowded news vendor).

So, with Aquaman hitting the big 7-0, and his new series only days away from debuting, the Shrine thought it a tribute fit for a king to reach out and collect birthday greetings from various writers, artists, and performers, all of whom have been involved with the Sea King in some way over these seven decades.

Some chose to offer old Arthur a birthday message; others reminisced about their time when they were creatively involved with the King of the Seven Seas. The one thing they have in common is that all of them have contributed, by their talent, vision, voice, or craft, to the seven-decade legend of Aquaman:
Dan Abnett, writer, Wonder Woman and The Furies"Happy 70th Birthday to the Sea King...and sorry about what happened to Mera on my watch."
Norman Alden, voice actor, Super Friends"I just tripped down a tall building and you know, after 70 years, I am kind of losing my taste for that stuff.

But really and truly I have to let the cat out of the bag and celebrate Aquaman's 70th and my 87th! The guys I worked with 
on Super Friends] were the top of the line.

Rob, what this world--and Aquaman--needs is more friends like you. God bless you."

Tony Bedard, writer, Emperor Aquaman"Happy Birthday, Your Majesty! I have to admit it was the 1960s Superman/Aquaman cartoon that hooked me on you, but I've always seen you as a first-stringer, and I prefer Happy Aquaman to Angry Aquaman any day! I spent my childhood pretending I was you every time I went swimming, and I still think that riding a giant seahorse is the manliest thing in the world! Long Live the Sea King!"
J.E. Bright, writer, Aquaman: Deepwater Disaster and Heroes of the High Seas"Dearest Aquaman--Were you aware that you share your birthdate with Baroness Vivien Helen Stern CBE? Like you, Baroness Stern was voted into royalty, and like you, she has dedicated her life to criminal justice. Although she's certainly more academic and land-based than your adventurous aqua-self, perhaps there was something circling in the stars on September 25, 1941 that should make villains beware!
J. E. Bright"

Kurt Busiek, writer, Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis"Happy 70th, Aqua-guy! Whether you're the son of a scientist given powers via Atlantean secrets, the child of a lighthouse-keeper and an undersea princess, the all-Atlantean scion of an ancient sorcerer or whatever--as long as you're rocking the orange and green, you'll always be the King of the Seas!"
Nick Cardy, artist, Aquaman"It was interesting for me to draw it[Aquaman], I enjoyed doing it. With Aquaman, I innovated a lot of things--the fish I used were actual fish. Sometimes I put too many fish in the water, and that can take more time than it does drawing the figures! But I really, really enjoyed it."

J.M. DeMatteis, writer, Adventure Comics and Action Comics"My first regular superhero gig in comics was writing Aquaman in Adventure Comics (with art by the great Dick Giordano), so the Sea King has a very special place in my heart. I'll never forget the day editor Len Wein called and gave me the assignment: I felt like I'd finally arrived. Happy Birthday, Aquaman: here's to another 70!"
Dan Didio, writer, Co-Publisher, DC Comics"Happy 70th Birthday to Aquaman, one of the true long lasting greats in DC's Pantheon Of Super Heroes!"
Sholly Fisch, writer, DC Super Friends and Batman: Brave and the Bold"Your Royal Highness: After 70 years of guarding the seven seas, you've survived death (more than once), cancellation (more than once), and even chairing Justice League Detroit (thankfully, only once). All the best for the next 70 years...even if living underwater does make it hard to blow out the candles!"
Ramona Fradon, artist, Adventure Comics and Super Friends:"Aquaman was a wonderful feature for kids. While he had no personal super powers, his ability to communicate with sea creatures made him as effective as any other super hero, and his ingenious way of utilizing their abilities made them come to life for young readers. I have had more than one adult fan tell me that they had been inspired by reading Aquaman to become marine biologists."
Laura Gjovaag, creator, The Unofficial Aquaman Website"Happy Birthday, Arthur! Seventy years is just a beginning. Who doesn't enjoy a tale an outcast orphan, a story of a person trying to find his place, the age-old journey of a hero? And when that story is told, you provide a tale of majesty, learning to lead, and being in command. The setting you provide has more potential than most have mastered land and sea. Live on in our imaginations, Aquaman. In another 70 years you'll just be getting to middle age."
Patrick Gleason, artist, Aquaman"Wow! Aquaman you are OLD!

But hey, don't sick a giant octopus on me yet! I'm just saying that I think that stands as a testament to the very real, and important legacy you hold in comics. Now blow out your candles...oh wait we're underwater. Glub, glub! Happy Birthday old chum!"

Bob Greenberger, editor, The Atlantis Chronicles, Who's Who in the DC Universe"Aquaman entered my life when I began reading the JLA comic in the early 1960s but was delighted to learn more when he gained his own animated series, leading me to add his comic adventures to my expanding reading list. It wasn't until the 'Search for Mera' storyline that I really got to see his potential. I still recall that summer, away at camp, and desperate for the next issue to see what happened. That run, of course, introduced me to the fabulous art of Jim Aparo, who made the Sea King his own.

Since then, he has been interpreted and reinterpreted; denigrated and lauded. It's great to see that a new Aquaman series as part of the Rebooted DCU and to celebrate his 70th. DC isn't much for appreciating its history these days but true fans know and will be celebrating."

Mike Grell, artist, Adventure Comics"Aquaman and I have a history that goes way back to the very beginning of my career in comics. Julie Schwartz had just looked at my portfolio and called Joe Orlando in to his office to see if there was some work he could throw my way. Joe took a chance and give me a seven page Aquaman backup story called "As The Undersea City Sleeps" by Steve Skeates that would appear inAdventure #435.

When I turned in the pencil pages, Joe pointed out that I had drawn the splash page with a shot of Aquaman angling away, body bent forward in a pose that not only blocked his face from view, I had him mooning the reader. Having survived the Dr. Wertham witchhunt of the '50s Joe felt it his solemn duty to test the Comics Code Authority at every opportunity, so he let it go just to see what would happen. Luckily it passed without incident--but--there was one panel that didn't even get past Joe.

The script called for Aquaman to be seated on his throne, but I had drawn his butt hanging down too far. Joe had me correct it, but not before showing it to Julie and just about everyone else who came by his office. Thirty-nine years later, that panel still bugs me.

That's how I became known as 'The Guy Who Drew Aquaman On The Toilet.'"

Yvet Guichet, artist, Aquaman"I remember Obsidian Age built up quite a fresh thirst for the Waterbearer before he was reintroduced into the channel of DC lineups back in 2002. Arthur's revamp then was easily a thing of legend. When he needed a new look I had no idea when I designed his new digs how it would be taken off some guy instead of maybe grown? Sort of the way his water hand magically grew into place...then it would have done some unique things too like the hand did. One of those things should have been spawning the new look on his action figure, no? Happy 70th bro!"

Mark Gutleben, actor/performer, Sea World Superheroes Show:"Performing for the kiddies [as Aquaman] was fun. There were times when kids thought I was the Real McCoy! It was very exciting."

Ken Hooper, artist, Aquaman"I remember getting the job--Kevin Dooley called and asked if I would like to draw the new Aquaman series, in 1990. I remember thinking, oh, Lord...the water guy...boring.... I owned all of one Aquaman book my entire thirty-year life at that point. Thanks, though, to Kevin, and, even more so, to Shaun, it was never boring. Never. And we had such grand plans..."

Michael Jelenic, Producer, Batman: Brave and the Bold"Wishing you, Aquaman, an 'Outrageous' 70th Birthday...or as you like to call it: 'The One Where Aquaman Turned Seventy Years Old!'"
Dan Jurgens, writer, Aquaman"I was first exposed to Aquaman as part of the Superman/Aquaman Hour, which was a relatively cool Saturday morning cartoon. That sent me scurrying for the actual comics and I loved what I found. For me, Aquaman was always something of a regal, majestic character. He was a king, for crying out loud!

I had a great time writing the book. Unfortunately, by the time I took it on, it was in really bad shape. Still, with great covers by Michael Kaluta and wonderful interior art by Steve Epting, we gave it our best.

Fortunately, the King of the Seven Seas is in good hands with Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. Aquaman deserves nothing less!"

Paul Kupperberg, writer, Aquaman and Adventure Comics:"People make fun of Aquaman. They joke about his ability to 'talk' to fish, that his superpower is swimming, and about how the bad guys can escape him by just getting out of the water. Thanks to a couple of generations raised on Super Friends, the non-comics reading public may know who Aquaman is, but they don't take him seriously, not like they do the big guns. But for all his being better known as a punch line than a superhero, Aquaman has an endurance that few characters of his vintage can boast.

Beginning as a back-up feature in a 1941 issue of More Fun Comics, Aquaman was one of only a tiny number of comic book superheroes to survive the Golden Age and be continuously published, virtually without interruption, straight through to today. The others were Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow, a handful of heroes in a sea of romance, western, crime, funny animals, and horror comics. Whatever it is about the King of the Seven Seas that saved him from the cancellations suffered by the majority of the 1940s heroes (including such luminaries as the Flash, Green Lantern, and the Atom), Aquaman's maintained it for seven incredible decades, still King of the Seven Seas, and now a major player in the DCU.

Laugh that off!"

Erik Larsen, writer, Aquaman"Happy 70th Birthday to you, Aquaman. I had a fun visit."
Paul Levitz, writer, Adventure Comics, Publisher, DC Comics:"Congratulations, Aquaman--despite all the tragic tales, you've been one of comics' most consistent heroes over all these decades, swimming against the tides. And thanks for being the very first super-hero I got to write, over half your career ago!"
Original 70th Birthday Illustration by Stewart McKenny (DC Super Friends)!
Shaun McLaughlin, writer, Aquaman""Happy Birthday, Artie. You were my favorite super-hero as a kid and you opened some doors for me. I hope the next 70 years treat you kindly."
David Michelinie, writer, Adventure Comics and Aquaman:"Congratulations, Aquaman! Few kings manage to reign for 70 years, even in the off-and-on manner that seems to have defined your rule. And yet here you are, after seven decades of battling monsters, pollution, political corruption, even that insidious bane of the publishing industry: cancellation. You still stand regal, hardy and whole (well, except for that pesky missing hand thing), giving truth to the classic Mel Brooks line, 'It's good ta be da king!' Happy Birthday, Arthur!"
Paula Nelson, actress/performer, Sea World Superheroes Show:"One of my most memorable Mera moments was of 'saving' the finale pyramid from disaster after one of the male superheroes had fallen. Only the guys supported the bottom of the pyramid, but I was confident my shoulders were strong enough to handle it. After all, I had been an Aquamaid (seriously, that's what we were called) at Cypress Gardens--World Water-Skiing Capital--and there women would step in if needed. I successfully filled in for one of the mighty male superheroes and was seriously scolded by the Justice League for doing so! 'Out of character', they said. Quite the contrary, I felt most Mera-like!

Happy 70th Birthday to my favorite King of the Sea!
Here's to a bright, adventure-filled, BP spill-free year ahead. 
Forever yours,

Chuck Patton, artist, Justice League of America"Happy Birthday, 'Your Majesty', from your pal Chuck Patton"
Joe Prado, artist, Brightest Day and Aquaman"Happy 70th Birthday, Aquaman! Keep doing what you've always done! Being awesome and protecting us from menaces from the deep, deep seas! Keep your spirit, and brace yourself for a new era of adventures, my friend! And hey! Kick Manta's butt, and give Mera a kiss! :)"

Rod Reis, color artist, Aquaman"To defend only a city like Gotham or Metropolis is very easy. To defend 70% of the planet Earth, live under water, talk to fishes and ride seahorses a true King is needed. Congratulations Arthur Curry, Happy 7-0 Aquaman! I am honored to color your magazine."
Alan Ritchson, actor, Smallville"Happy 70th Aquaman! You will always be the king to me! I'll never forget your time on Smallville kicking Clark Kent's butt underwater! I loved knowing that I had the chance in some small way to remind everyone how great you really are! Having had the opportunity to portray the Sea King on Smallville, I was also welcomed into the best part of the comic world, the Aquaman family, the best fans in the world. Thanks AC and here's to another 70 years of greatness!"
Bob Rozakis, writer, Adventure Comics and Action Comics:
"Your pants, they are green
The ocean is blue
Happy 7-0, Sea King
Happy Birthday to you!"

Alex Saviuk, artist, Action Comics"I can remember my excitement when Julie Schwartz asked me if i would like to do some Aquaman stories as back-up features in Action Comics. The oceans and what lies underneath have always intrigued me, and it was a real treat and an honor to follow in the footsteps of Ramona Fradon, Nick Cardy, and Jim Aparo in chronicling the Sea King's amazing adventures! I believe the mantle has now been passed on to Ivan Reis and Joe Prado and from what I have seen so far, Aquaman couldn't be in better hands! (although if Ivan and Joe ever need a break , I would love to step in for just one more adventure!)
Original 70th Birthday Illustration by Dan Schoening (Aquaman: Deepwater Disaster)!
Steve Skeates, writer, Aquaman"Hereabouts there are not many heroes these days, even in comics. But Aquaman had been a hero from before even I was born, so I knew he was strong enough to survive my strange writing style--more into form than into content, sometimes silly, often too verbose. What I didn't know was that he would soon become both my best friend and my imagined self, and, as such, would make me not only a better writer, but a better human being as well. Don't ask me how that works; just allow me to thank the Sea King for being who he was."
Roy Thomas, writer, All-Star Squadron"I'll admit that, when as a kid in the late 1940s I paddled around the local swimming pool, it was always Sub-Mariner, and never Aquaman, that I pretended to be. However, I came to see over the years that Aquaman was (is) a great character in his own right, not just a copy of Prince Namor. I have a particular fondness for the work of Ramona Fradon and Jim Aparo on the character, although Nick Cardy and others have certainly had their moments. And I always loved the fact that, unlike Namor, Aquaman could speak to fish. For a couple of years there I really wanted a pet octopus I could name Topo! So--Happy 70th, Aquaman!"

A bunch of people (besides all those quoted above) were instrumental in the assembling of this special birthday post. The Aquaman Shrine gives special thanks to Correspondent Joe Slab, artist Bill Walko (who drew the above superb Aqua-Family pin-up, commissioned especially for this post!)
Marc Tyler NoblemanEric Nolen-WeathingtonJohn Karl Schwirian, and Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics, which (accidentally) inspired this whole thing in the first place. Every single one of them was invaluable in the creation of this post!
As we all know, Aquaman is starting his 71st year in a big, big way, with the debut of his new series this Wednesday, Sept. 28th. The Shrine cannot imagine a better way for the King of the Seven Seas to reclaim his rightful place in popular culture, and in the world of comics, than with this new series, written and drawn some of DC's top talent. And thanks to each and every person you see quoted above, the Sea King was able to be in the right place at the right time when this new generation of creators was ready to come along and grab the trident!

Happy Birthday Aquaman!


This post respectfully dedicated to the work of Jim Aparo, Otto Binder, John Daly, Dick Giordano, Bob Haney, Paul Norris, Neal Pozner, and Mort Weisinger.
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