Saturday, June 11, 2011

Geoff Johns & Jim Lee Talk DCnU, Reveal New Details

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On the JLA
Johns on membership: "Our first arc is the origin of the team. It takes place in the past, and the next arc will take place in the present."
Johns said that when Green Lantern first meets Batman, he's going to ask "what are your powers?" The initial relationship between these characters will be explored.
Lee calls DC's revamp "pretty unprecedented."
Lee said they're "re-energizing" and "re-imagining" much of their characters.
Lee says there's never been an "awesome origin" for the Justice League, calling it a "prime example" of where they can "add something to the lore."
"They're such a diverse group of characters, they're so iconic," Lee continued, adding that they're looking for ways to make things "more modern" and create jumping-on points for new readers.
Lee says he was "super-excited" when they relaunched Superman post-Crisis with John Byrne. "It made it feel like my own version."
Lee said he hopes for a similar level of excitement with the 52 books they're launching in September.
"If you don't execute it correctly, then all bets are off," Johns said. "No one sets out to make people upset."
Johns said that if things are done with care, they should be successful, using Hal Jordan's return as Green Lantern as an example.
Lee said that they wouldn't tackle a challenge this big if they didn't have confidence that they could do it correctly.
Via Video
Morrison says they want to "recreate" Superman for the 21st century, and "do something that's a little bit new."
Morrison says they will "change some of the basics" and reintroduce familiar characters in some unfamiliar ways.
"A different side of the character than we've ever seen before," Morrison says of his Action Comics #1.
Morrison says him and Rags Morales are trying to create a "new language" for comics storytelling — things that only comics (not even movies) can do.
Morrison says he hopes fans follow them into the "ridiculous voyage into the unknown."
On digital comics
"We really think this is an opportunity for us to reach new people out there and bring them into the fold," Lee said. "We're also going to go out there and really promote this on a national level."
Johns said he was skeptical of digital comics at first, but now thinks they're "really exciting" and that they "change the way you think about comics."
Of the GL movie, Johns said he'd love for a generation of kids to discover Green Lantern like he did with Star Wars.
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