Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BUSTED! Fact-Checking Ten MYTHS About The DCnU

From by Vaneta Rogers
It's been more than a year since readers first saw a promotion for Flashpoint, but only during the last few months has information surfaced about what it all means.
And even then, it hasn't been too clear.
But one thing is sure: WhenFlashpoint ends on Aug. 31st, DC is restarting all its titles at #1 while revamping the characters and histories of its entire universe.
And in September, the DCnU begins.
What does it all mean? Fans have had plenty of guesses. But along the way, several myths have emerged that have been busted once more information surfaced.
In an effort to clear up some of the more prevalent myths while discussing what we know about the relaunch, Newsarama looks at the Top 10 Myths about the DCnU.
Click here for the ten myths.
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