Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Join The Oracle Draw-a-thon!

From Newsarama.com by Jill Pantozzi
It’s safe to say DC’s news of turning Barbara Gordon’s Oracle back into her previous persona of Batgirl has rattled a few cages. Mine for one. But the great thing coming out of this distressing turn of events is the visibility it’s giving to the physically challenged. Now one artist is calling you to arms to help keep that exposure going.
Much like the Adam Hughes commission above which shows Oracle in all her glory, artist Elena Barbarich, known as Yamino online, is suggesting any and all artists get their preferred tools out to illustrate Ms. Gordon in her chair. Yamino writes on her Tumblr, “I think we should do a big Oracle Draw-a-thon, to support visibility for disabled characters in mainstream comics, and comics in general.  Heck, it doesn’t have to be just visual art. How about an Oracle Create-a-Thon? Whatever it is you do, fanart, fanfic, music, sculpture, cakes…. let’s do it!”
Yamino, creator of the webcomics Sister Claire and Nightingale, wants some help reaching out and organizing and since I know a few people who know a few people, I figured I could help out a bit. Feel free to send your creativity to me to post on my Tumblr (EDIT: The official Oracle Create-a-Thon Tumblr has been made!) and spread the word to artists everywhere. Show Oracle being blocked by obstacles or overcoming them but most importantly, show her as the strong, capable character she is.
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