Sunday, June 12, 2011

Relaunch, Reboot, My Take On The New DCU

By Michael Farrah
DC has been releasing titles and details for their relaunch in September and many have debated if this is in fact a "relaunch" or a "reboot". It's my feeling that it is one, the other, or even both depending on which titles you look at. I don't think it can that easily be said to be one or the other, too much is changing for too many different reasons, it is impossible to say it is one and not the other at least to some extent. The debates will go on for quite some time but here is my take on just what it will be title by title. 
JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 Relaunch Because they are tweaking the teams core group, not changing it (forget the changes to the individual heroes here) and I believe the basic premise will still be the same.
WONDER WOMAN #1 Relaunch It would seem most of the recent changes (example costume) will still be there, again minor tweaks but nothing major.
AQUAMAN #1 Relaunch Recently back from the dead he has gone through what ever changes they planed on making to him so this will be the new status quo for him. 
THE FLASH #1 Relaunch Flashpoint  among other recent events has set things in motion so again minor tweaks here (slight costume change for example), the only major question maybe the Barry/Wally debate, maybe.
THE FURY OF FIRESTORM #1 Relaunch and Reboot  I don't view this just as a reboot even with what has been said from the solication but to some extent a continuation of what has started already in Blackest Night and Brightest Day, Firestorm is back to the living but which one will it be, I think this will be explained. 
THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN #1 Relaunch Like with the other recently dead heroes this seems to be setting a new status quo but the only question is about Thanger and if it still exists if it doesn't then this maybe more of a Reboot.
GREEN ARROW #1 Relaunch This is one of the books I think is definitely not going through very much change with this.
JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #1 Relaunch This is a return of the classic team and they maybe doing with this what was done with the JSA over the last number of years.
MISTER TERRIFIC #1 Relaunch While he didn't have a solo series, and he has a new look, I believe they are mainly giving him a chance to shine on his own and that is why this is not a reboot.
CAPTAIN ATOM #1 Relaunch This is another attempt to bring him into the spotlight, again with minor tweaks.
DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #1 Relaunch This is simply bringing back an old series with new flair.
GREEN LANTERN #1GREEN LANTERN CORPS #1GREEN LANTERN: THE NEW GUARDIANS #1RED LANTERNS #1 Relaunch Geoff Johns seemed to make it known that Green lantern would not be changed, DC will not mess with a good thing.
BATMAN #1DETECTIVE COMICS #1BATMAN & ROBIN #1BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #1 Relaunch This like Green Lantern has done well for DC so changes will be keep to a minimum, the biggest change will be with Robin but it's not enough to be a reboot.
BIRDS OF PREY #1CATWOMAN #1, BATWOMAN #1, NIGHTWING #1 Relaunch Like many of the other Bat-books these will receive little change, the return of Nightwing isn't an big change, and the other titles will most likely receive minor changes. The only one that may have the possibility of being a Reboot is Birds of Prey depending on just who is part of that team.
BATGIRL #1 Reboot  Yes this one is the first reboot in my opinion, the changes here are to substantial to simply be a relaunch Barbara is no longer wheelchair bound and what becomes of the former Batgirl(s). This title's success more then any other may depend on how those changes are accepted (they lit a fire with one very vocal Jill Pantozzi).
RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #1BATWING #1 Relaunch These are new titles but I'm saying relaunch because they are natural extensions of the Bat-verse, Batwing is similar to those who acted like Batman in the recent feature film but where he can do it right.
SWAMP THING #1ANIMAL MAN #1JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #1DEMON KNIGHTS #1FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF SHADE #1RESURRECTION MAN #1I, VAMPIRE #1VOODOO #1 Relaunch This is giving a number of characters there time in the spotlight or a second chance of sorts, it's my feeling DC wants to see how these titles will do but unfortunately maybe the first to go.
LEGION LOST #1LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #1 Relaunch and Reboot  While there is some things that seem to carry forward there also appears to be changes, Paul Levitz involvement make me thing the changes won't be to substantial but that doesn't mean there won't be change. 
TEEN TITANS #1 Reboot There seems to be alot of changes here while the team appears to be very similar to the past every one dons a new costume, and what are there identities (Red Robin for example). 
STATIC SHOCK #1HAWK & DOVE #1 Relaunch These have a following for different reasons, and DC won't play around with them for those same reasons expect minor changes only on these.
STORMWATCH #1, GRIFTER #1 Reboot As Wildstorm titles merged into the DCU I would have to say reboot because they will have to change something to make it work plus with Martian Manhunter in Stormwatch there must be major changes.
BLACKHAWKS #1SGT. ROCK AND THE MEN OF WAR #1ALL-STAR WESTERN #1 Relaunch These be the "war" titles I don't see them tying into the relaunch as tightly as many other titles so minor updates and tweaks at most.
DEATHSTROKE #1BLUE BEETLE #1  Relaunch These titles don't seem like they will be very big on changes, Slade seems like he'll be his usual self and Jamie returns again in a solo series minor tweaks at best.
OMAC #1SUICIDE SQUAD #1 Reboot I go with reboot for these because both are familiar concepts but done new, or new old as is the case with OMAC.
ACTION COMICS #1SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF TOMORROW #1SUPERGIRL #1SUPERBOY #1 Reboot There is no doubt in my mind this is a reboot far to much appears to be changing, costumes, character relationships etc. plus the fact the DC is putting George Perez and Grant Morrison on these tends to make me believe they do not want to screw this up. With DC want to reboot the movies and the ongoing lawsuit change was coming sooner or later, guess we got it sooner.
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