Thursday, July 7, 2011

Womanthology; Massive All Female Comic Anthology!

A Comics project in Portland, ME by Renae De Liz 


What is Womanthology & What makes it so special?

Womanthology is a large scale anthology comic showcasing the works of women in comics. It is created entirely by over 140 women of all experience levels, including top industry professionals such as;
The purpose of the book is to show support for female creators in comics and media. There will be multiple short stories, how to's & interviews with professionals, and features showcasing iconic female comic creators that have passed, such as Nell Brinkley and Tarpe Mills. A Kids & Teens section will also be included, showcasing their work, and offering tips & tricks to help them prepare themselves for their future careers in comics. Overall, this is pretty much a huge book showcasing what women in comics have accomplished, and what we are capable of :) We are also hoping that by doing this book, it will encourage a new generation of women to pick up the pencil and create!
Part of what's special about Womanthology is it's equal opportunity aspects. Large named professionals like Gail Simone are paired up with new and upcoming talent to promote opportunity and chances for those to learn and give them a stage to show what they can do. For instance Gail will be paired up with extraordinary new artist Jean Kang! Or for another example legendary artistCamilla d'Errico will be paired up with up and coming writer Raven Moore! Check out the Womanthology site for more exciting team ups!

How do we plan to do this?

The book is currently in production. There is a tentative release date for Womanthology of December 7th, 2011, which may change. We will keep everyone updated as things develop Please check the FAQS for notes on rewards and when they will be sent! :) Please watch for unlocked rewards that will include a special password to a place where you can preview the works from the many talents of Womanthology!

What is the Money for?

The current Kickstarter goal amount would help us print a small run (1500) of books. This will be 300 page, 9x12, Hardcover, full color book. All money earned goes directly to printing costs and other fees such as postage/production of rewards.
Our current goal is $25,000. If we, by some miracle, make OVER that goal we have some very special plans! Please see the FAQS below for more information!

Why should I pledge for this project?

Womanthology is the first of it's kind. Never before have women in comics & media come together in such a huge way to create something like this. Never before has there been a publisher willing to give so many people a chance. By pledging, you are helping to create a piece of history itself, and being there to support a massive, positive movement of people into the right direction.
Thank you so much if you even considered helping! It's very appreciated by all of us!
Full info here -

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