Sunday, July 17, 2011

Help Support "Princess" Leah Challenge Coins

Support "Princess" Leah Challenge Coin Proof 
"Princess" Leah

Hello everyone! My name is Michael Stanton, also known as Darth Djinn, Darth Malim, Wraith 13, Wraith Fal’cona, Wraith Dagger, and a host of other names depending on the group. Many of you may have heard the continuing medical saga of "Princess" Leah Esquenazi. Many of you may already know her parents Zev “DeltaSquadBoss” and his wife Frani. For those of you unfamiliar with their story, Princess Leah has been experiencing terrible medical problems since her birth, just a few short months ago. So far Leah has remained a medical mystery to all those involved in her care. She has been suffering from motor skill problems (seizure like activity and movement), vision, and respiratory problems. The majority of her life to date has been spent in the NICU, where she has been residing for the last several weeks straight. DSB and Frani have been spending every available moment at Leah’s side, resulting in them both missing quite a bit of work. They do have medical insurance, though it far from covers the expenses that have resulted from having an infant in the NICU for an extended period of time. Searching for a way to help Zev, Frani, and Leah, and after talking it over with them, I will be offering “challenge coins”. ALL proceeds will be donated to the Esquenazi family to help with their mounting medical expenses.  The cost of the coin will be $10.00 US and payment is due at the time of order.  There will be NO LIMIT  on the number of coins you can order.  I am offering the coins to ALL comers. Orders for the coins will be taken from Monday, July 18th, 2011 through Sunday, August 14th, 2011.  My PayPal is  In the notes please include:

your full name
screen name and group (if applicable)
contact info  including your full address
number of coins you are purchasing. 

Please make sure you choose the Personal Tab and Payment Owed. 

To my international friends I will not be charging anything additional for shipping... that being said if you would like to add a little extra to help offset shipping it would be appreciated, but again not required.  I will be ordering the coins on Monday, August 15th.  I expect the coins to take about 2 weeks for minting and delivery.  with an expected ship date of around a week after that.  US first class shipping generally takes anywhere from 3-10 days. International airmail is generally 2 weeks. Again payment is due at the time of order.  Please visit for more information on Leah’s story and on ways to get involved!


I ask that you please help and support this cause, also please check out the Princess Leah Facebook page here and the Princess Leah blog at the link above. Thank you, Mike aka Godmera.

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