Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Didio And Lee Discuss The New DCU

Newsarama.com and ComicBookResources.com each have interviews with Dan Didio and Jim Lee discussing the new DC Universe, the New 52 number ones, and much more. Some notes from the interviews are that they seem to be not so strong on "this is a relaunch not a reboot" thing even if they don't actually say it, some characters change hardly at all (Green Lantern) while some undergo a major overhaul (Superman). Also the DC Universe is a mire five years old, that's a lot of history that could be lost or would have to be condensed. They also seem to want to make the DC Universe more "accessible" to both new readers and old, that is those who were readers but have left comics or at least DC, not sure what that does to current readers though. For more check out the full articles here(Newsarama) and here(ComicBookResources). Also watch for possible news coming out of SDCC from DC about this as well.
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