Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just A Thought : New, Now, DC And Marvel

Just over a year ago DC Comics gave us there New 52 universe, a relaunch or reboot depending on how you would look at it. The DCU was only 5 years old in this new continuity but despite this some history remained some was wiped clean, some characters were relatively unchanged others were only the same in name. Now Marvel has there Marvel Now! event which seems on the surface to be a very similar to DC's, not so unique for Marvel to do this but, Marvel's Now! continuity though seems to be even more confusing. I'm not debating the fact that some characters needed a boost but why do a universe wide event if there was nothing wrong with certain ones. For example Green Lantern has been relatively unchanged, other then the addition of Simon Baz and a few tweaks, because it was doing well but Superman did need a boost lagging behind some of the other big guns. So why reboot everything, this is the question but when you look at the sales DC overall sales increased so of course Marvel felt it needed to do the same. But while sales have been better now for both is this really that good for the overall industry, or will they alienate long time fans who stuck it out over the years for the hope of bringing in new blood, so to speak, only time will tell. Just a thought.
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