Monday, March 4, 2013

The DCU Takeover & HUGE Developments on ‘Justice League’ - Nolan, Bale?

From Latino Review

Ok, DC fanboy nation. Here is the story you have been waiting for.

Over the weekend, on a cold Saturday afternoon, I went into Brooklyn to drop in on @da7e and shoot our latest video blog. We were looking for a comic book store to shoot in front of, but because of the sensitivity of the information, we didn’t want an overzealous fanboy spying on us as we shot and running away to leak our scoop on a forum or another site. DC headquarters located on 1700 Broadway was also out of the question because of the noise factor. So we went up to the rooftop and I think it worked out quite well.

After quite the difficult and lengthy investigation, we got to the bottom of what is going on with The Justice League. Warners is trying really hard to keep what’s going on under wraps because naturally, they want all the focus to be centered on successfully launching Man Of Steel. That film is an integral piece of The Justice League strategy. By now I’m sure you all heard on the fanboy news circuit, as I been also saying for a while, that Man Of Steel is not only awesome action packed thrill ride, but the superhero movie to beat this summer. Warners is thrilled. How thrilled? Watch the video. :)

Closing Thoughts that I didn’t include in video:

If you honestly think that Warners, especially with what they’re up against, aren’t going to move Heaven and Earth to try to make what I mentioned above happen, then you’re insane. They almost have no other choice.
David Goyer I couldn’t confirm his participation at press time, and it was holding up publishing the scoop. Hence, unconfirmed but my gut tells me most likely true. He is an important part of the equation and works quite well with this team. At the very least, he will most likely come up with a story. He has some other projects as a director he is trying to launch off the ground but like Michael Corleone once said, “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in!“
World’s Finest Again, unconfirmed. But certainly within the realm of possibility. Could we instead get just a team up between these two and then graduate to a Justice League movie? Anything is possible folks.
Debunkers Our track record with DC is impeccable. We broke Routh/Superman, Ledger/The Joker, the opening of The Dark Knight, etc., just to name a few. Remember, when we first broke that Goyer & Nolan were involved with Man Of Steel and Thomas Tull made a call over here to debunk us? So, um, how did that end up turning out? False? :)
But that’s not all cool kids!

Note: this is actually very cool news with Nolan's success on Batman and the already favorable reports about Man Of Steel , and Bale being a very good Batman this certainly doesn't hurt the possible success for the Justice League movie, lets hope for the best.
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