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KISS returns to Chile!

KISS will headline the Maquinaria Fest in Santiago, Chile on November 10th! Below is translated text from the event website

The event, held for the third time in Chile, sum versions in Argentina and Paraguay, confirming the growth and expansion of the brand regionally.
Now available individual tickets and detail of the artists performing at each day, which also can camp.
The long awaited day arrived. In its third announcement, Machinery Fest confirms the presence of the four headliners for the 2012, in what will undoubtedly be historic concerts. KISS, SLAYER, THE PRODIGY and Calle 13 are the four groups who will lead the massive musical gathering for the first time, will be held at the Club de Campo Las Vizcachas. The first two will be presented on Saturday, November 10, in a day where predominate the rock and harder sounds. The latter, meanwhile, will do on Sunday 11, closing with a strong third party version of the event.
Than expected "headlining" this year, also joined fans and artists of wide recognition both in Chile and in the rest of the world: Mastodon, Cavalera Conspiracy, Marky Ramone and the surprising Dj Set format Deftones singer, CHINO MORENO.
With this, the return of KISS to Chile is transformed into one of the most anticipated moments of safety pins and festival. Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer national lands will come to their new plate featuring "Monster" (2012), which confirms its effectiveness after 40-year career and worldwide hits as "Rock and Roll All Nite" and " Lick it up ".
85 million copies sold and over 20 gold records are only part of the biographical background to confirm the condition of historic show for the quartet faces painted. A presentation full of special effects and pyrotechnics, which surely will go to members of the "Kiss Army" spread throughout the continent to Santiago. Similarly, the effusive attract Chilean fans spent months asking for a show rated one of the most striking on a planetary level.
Led by Chilean Tom Araya, thrash metal quartet SLAYER back to our country after appearing in Santiago and Valparaiso last time in 2011. Then, over 20,000 fans of hard rock and aggressive distortions witnessed an explosive and unforgettable show, governed by those who are the authors of one of the heaviest albums in history: "Reign in Blood".
Who will stand as one of the four most famous exponents of the metal globally, ensuring a show where the mosh pit to songs like "Angel of Death" and "Hell Awaits" set the tone. Led also by the equally virtuoso Dave Lombardo, the four musicians come to Santiago to pay off a massive debt scenarios and outdoors. Also, with the loyal fans thrash , ensuring a full house for the night of Saturday 10 November.
THE PRODIGY stands as a true institution of electronic music and fusion beats with punk and drum & bass. Rave pioneers and native of Essex, England, the authors of the hit album "Fat of the Land", considered one of the best in the genre, join Machinery Fest with a show that is stirring vast experience festivals worldwide . Singles like "Breathe" and "Smack My Bitch Up" are secure for the dance card and lawlessness in the grounds of Puente Alto. Toward the end of Sunday, insurance presentation will mark a precedent for future versions of Machinery.
One of the most powerful rock reliefs and mixed melting in Latin America, will also be part of the third local edition of Machinery Fest. CALLE 13 is added to the official lineup after recognition massive world tours and singles that have crossed the borders Rican , as "La Bala", "America" ​​and "Vamo 'to behave badly." The "Fiesta de locos" who lead the band Resident and Guest, is also prepared to crown the second day of the event that he expects more than 60 thousand people and arrives at the collective as prominent.
Machinery Fest will be the first show of Mastodon in Chile. Presenting his plate praised "The Hunter", one of the best shows of the new wave of American heavy metal, according to All Music Guide, remecerá the scene of the encounter, with influences from stoner rock and progressive variations. The versatility of the band originally from Atlanta, has surprised critics to take their music to unexpected ends.
Marky Ramone , meanwhile, returns to Spain with his project "Blitzkrieg". The legendary drummer of the authors of "I Wanna Be Sedated", will tour the biggest hits of The Ramones, plus some new songs that nourish your history hits. As a novelty, the punk combo will be led by Michale Graves, who was, for two periods, the legendary lead singer of The Misfits.
Meanwhile, Cavalera Conspiracy Machinery Fest again after his first visit in 2010. On that occasion, the Brazilian group led by brothers Cavalera, both former Sepultura, gave a lesson in latin metal and distortion. This year and now has five career on the body, the thrash metal group will use to present their brand new album "Blunt Force Trauma", which for months has been touring various latitudes.
Thus, Machinery Fest, which confirms its expansion in Argentina and Paraguay versions, starts preparing its explosion in Santiago. Regional growth of the brand and the production machinery Transistor, does expect a memorable version of the festival still has surprises to reveal.
Entries per day and are available through Puntoticket system, and no surcharge on Tuesdays and Thursdays SoldOut Store (Portal Lyon). Also and as of October, tickets may also be purchased at the HP-STORE of Santiago, Viña del Mar and Concepción, confirming the presence of HP and Windows as official sponsors of the meeting.
In the event's website, , you can review the details of the artists performing every day.
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