Friday, May 6, 2011

From The Brightest Day The Blackest Night

Green Lantern Hal Jordan is # 7 on IGN's Top 100 Heroes List

No man better exemplifies the Green                   Lantern mantra of “No Fear” than Hal                         “Highball” Jordan. Let’s just address                        the elephant in the room first: Hal’s                      been through some pretty dark times.                  He’s responsible for nearly decimating the entire Green Lantern Corps while possessed                       by Parallax. But since that event - and the subsequent redemption attempt during                              “Final Night” where he died trying to save Earth - Hal has been resurrected and once                        again represents the model Green Lantern in an intergalactic police force that’s                                   7200-plus strong.
Hal’s also one of the only DC heroes that doesn’t put up with Batman’s “my way or the                         high way” crap. Everyone else would cower in fear with piss running down their leg if                     Batman got up in their face. Not Hal. Truly, Jordan is a man without fear, making him                               the perfect Green Lantern.*
*Minus that whole genocide thing we touched on previously.
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